18+ Erotic Musings:

Available on Amazon:  Only Time will Tell, Erotic MM, Time-Travel Romance www.smarturl.it/TLOTWT  print www.smarturl.it/OTWTPrint


Two men, one watch…


When Alex and Charlie met, they instantly clicked. Throughout the years, their bond grew from friends, to lovers. But when Charlie's father passes away something inside him changes. Alex feared their relationship was over and knew his heart would never survive.


Things spiral out of control as Charlie’s erratic behavior leads Alex to think the worst. During an intense argument, they’re transported back in time. When Charlie comes to, Alex isn’t by his side. Frantically, he searches for him. But when he finds him, he’s surprised Alex doesn’t remember who he is.


Charlie must make Alex fall in love with him again. But what happens if he doesn’t?


Will this be the end of their relationship, or will it be game over for them both?


Available on Amazon:  Battered & bruised, but not broken, Erotic Male Romance www.smarturl.it/BatteredBBB, print www.smarturl.it/BatteredPrint



Battered & bruised, but not broken is an erotic, male/male, gay romance novel. It’s the culmination of two lost souls finding what they didn’t know they were looking for.

Hunter is an ex-con, always in the wrong place at the worst times which is how he landed in prison. He’s looking to start anew when in walks Elliott.

Timid and sheltered Elliott has his life in order. Or so he thinks, that is until Hunter introduces him to a whole new world. 

Both are battling past demons, but what happens when their worlds collide?


Available on Amazon:  Girl Crush - Erotic FF romance novella www.smarturl.it/TLGirlCrush print www.smarturl.it/TLGirlCrushPrint



Girl Crush is an erotic romance 20,000 word novella that brings to light that one time… 


The one time you found yourself questioning your so called sexuality, potentially risking your friendship. What if the feelings aren’t reciprocated? 


Confusion and pain brings them closer together, feeding from one another’s strengths and thrusting them into each other’s arms. 


Are the risks of their new found love worth the end result?    



Available on Amazon:  The Database - Erotic FF/MF BDSM novelette smarturl.it/TheDatabase



In The Database, Emily Morgan is complaining to her friends over lunch about the lack of dateable guys out there, and how they lack between the sheets.


Much to her surprise, her friend Sabrina hands her a business card with only a website address on it.  At first Emily tosses it back to her, but once Sabrina explains the concept behind it Emily takes it back.


Emily embarks upon a journey that takes her from dating to ‘as needed one night stands’ and awakening her inner Mistress which she never knew she had. 


What she doesn’t expect is Hunter. One of the so called ‘losers’ she’s sent to evaluate. But unbeknownst to her, this particular loser is aware of their club as well as his rating and is seeking redemption.



Available on Amazon:  Hat Trick - Erotic MF BDSM novelette smarturl.it/HatTrick


Hat Trick is the extended version of Eye Candy,an erotic novelette about that one friend, the one friend that every big brother has.  That unbelievably gorgeous but, ‘oh so out of my league’ friend.  You know the one, the fuel for every hot and heavy self-gratifying session.


Claire Dover was no different. Her eye candy was Bryce Stanton.  Bryce entered her life her freshman year of high school.  He was on the school ice hockey team with her brother Eli and Claire never missed a game.


 High school has since passed and now Claire finds herself attending the same college as Eli and Bryce. She always deemed herself unworthy of this hockey God, but little did she know, she was his ultimate goal.  


Characters Welcome - Erotic Author's Guild Anthology smarturl.it/CharactersWelcome


This Anthology includes 13 writers who are members of The Erotic Author's Guild.  My novelette Eye Candy (the short version of Hat Trick) is included.  All proceeds from the sales of Characters Welcome are going to charities designated by each Author.


The Sebastian Chronicles - 18+ Erotic Paranormal Novelettes: 

The Sebastian Chronicles in its entirety is available via smarturl.it/SCeseries or in print smarturl.it/SCPrint


Book 1 of The Sebastian Chronicles: Sebastian, the beginning smarturl.it/Sebastian1


The Sebastian Chronicles is a series of 5 Erotic Paranormal Novelettes that will take you through each century since Sebastian Benoit’s Vampiric inception.


In book one Sebastian, the beginning you learn why his maker Isabel chose him to be her mate.


Isabel stalked Sebastian even going so far as to watch him satisfy his many lovers.  He had a death wish, one that an angry husband would surely have carried out had Isabel not turned him in time.


     Sebastian’s hatred for Isabel overshadows the gift she’s given him causing her to doubt her decision.  Will he ever learn to love her as much as she loves him?


Book 2 of The Sebastian Chronicles:  My servant, my lover smarturl.it/Sebastian2


The Sebastian Chronicles is a series of 5 Erotic Paranormal Novelettes that will take you through each century since Sebastian Benoit’s Vampiric inception.


In book two My servant, my lover Sebastian embarks upon a forbidden romance with a member of his staff in Isabel’s home.  This cardinal rule was one Isabel was adamant it never be broken and with good reason.  But is the crime worth the potential punishment?


In this novelette you will live vicariously through our beloved Vampire Sebastian and his sexual escapades from the 18th century.


Book 4 of The Sebastian Chronicles:  Wealthy menage smarturl.it/Sebastian3



The Sebastian Chronicles is a series of 5 Erotic Paranormal Novelettes that will take you through each century since Sebastian Benoit’s Vampiric inception.



In book three Wealthy ménage, our beloved vampire Sebastian has found himself in 19th century New Orleans, a vibrant town in the midst of rebuilding after the war.


Sebastian’s insatiable sexual appetite gets him into some precarious positions.  Positions that will leave you wanting more.



Book 4 of The Sebastian Chronicles:  Prohibition inhibitions smarturl.it/Sebastian4



The Sebastian Chronicles is a series of 5 Erotic Paranormal Novelettes that will take you through each century since Sebastian Benoit’s Vampiric inception.


In book four, Prohibition inhibitions, our beloved vampire Sebastian has found himself in 20th century Chicago, a town at war with itself.


He shows his true colors to the local crime families, and they in turn stay out of his business. This book ties up many loose ends for Sebastian, finally allowing closure.  But will he ever find true love, does it even exist?


Book 5 of The Sebastian Chronicles: The Tryst smarturl.it/Sebastian5



The Sebastian Chronicles is a series of 5 Erotic Paranormal Novelettes that will take you through each century since Sebastian Benoit’s Vampiric inception.


In book 5 The Tryst, Bree Emerson is fed up with the singles scene losers.  Three pump chumps just weren’t getting the job done.


Having left last night’s lame ass mistake passed out in the hotel room, she decided it was time to embark upon a new erotic journey, one that will finally fulfill her sexual needs.


Unbeknownst to Bree her Eros was already stalking her and the devious things he had planned would be beyond her wildest dreams.  But will they both be able to walk away when playtime is over?   


 The Elders Trilogy - 18+ Erotic Paranormal Novels


The Elders Trilogy is an erotic, paranormal, thriller, romance novel series.


Book 1:  The Awakening smarturl.it/TLTheAwakening  smarturl.it/TLTheAwakeningPrint


In The Awakening, book 1 of The Elders Trilogy, Jessica Cartright has come of age. On top of being new to adulthood and all it encompasses; her nightly dreams are haunted by a faceless man guiding her deeper into the darkness. Fight or flight mode ensues, but she’s trapped.


When she’s finally reunited with her first love, her dreams start becoming a reality. Is this a coincidence or are they somehow linked? When these two worlds collide, she fears for her life but finds there’s nowhere left to run. 




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