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An ABCs of Love Novel

✅ MM Romance
✅ Opposites Attract
✅ Bear Bottom
✅ Forced Proximity
✅ Gay For You


What do you get when you throw a burly blacksmith and the town’s poster child for clumsiness together?


A whole lot of swearing and a threatening use of duct tape.


And the need to construct a sign that reads, “DO NOT LET CAMPBELL NEAR THE FORGE!”


Alabaster Falls’ local blacksmith, Daughtry Blackburn, was satisfied with his reclusive status. He had iron to bend and orders to fill but he knew he needed something to take the business to the next level. His father had fought taking their business into the twenty-first century, but since he’d passed, it was up to Daughtry to keep things forward moving and he knew there was no way to do so without being on the World Wide Web. Metalworking, he got. Computers, not so much.


Campbell Jenkins was desperate to be accepted by his peers in the little town he’d called home since birth. Problem was, he was accident-prone. Not just in the sense of an occasional break here or there, but in a can’t walk by glass without it shattering – even when it seemed he was a mile away type of thing. No matter how hard he tried to fit in, this curse led to failure. Forced to stay stuck inside the walls of the home his grandmother left him, he spent his time learning all he could about computers and social media. His online friends never cast him aside—too bad the real world wasn’t as kind.


When he answers an ad in the local paper for online marketing assistance, he wasn’t sure what to expect. Least of all, the brawny man answering the door to a log cabin that had seen better days.


Can two opposites in forced proximity learn to play nicely or will one wind up in an iron grave?


Coming 6/17/22

Social Sinners World Tour Box Set


Stand tall, stand proud, and never back down. That’s the motto the bandmembers of Social Sinners—Joey, Stoli, Mickey, and Diamond live by. Family doesn’t need blood to form a bond, it only needs to have a heart. These four have built just that—a family, the most important thing there is to them.


Now you can get all 5 books in 1 download plus a bonus scene of Diamond and Easton’s Vegas elopement.


Book 1 – Behind the Lights
Book 2 – In the Shadows
Book 3 – A Heart Divided
Book 4 – Beyond the Curtain
Book 5 - After the Final Curtain

Coming 6/17/22

Maiden Voyage World Tour Box Set


Metal’s about getting down and dirty, releasing the demons that haunt you and beating them into submission. I think of it as poetic therapy with a side of rage. That’s how the bandmembers of Maiden Voyage—Ryder, Derek, Jaxson, and Shadow describe the endorphin releasing music that flows through their veins.


Now you can get all 4 books in 1 download plus a bonus scene of Ryder and Max that was previously only available through email sign up.


Book 1 – Ryder’s Guardian
Book 2 – Derek’s Destiny
Book 3 – Jaxson’s Nemesis
Book 4 – Shadow’s Light

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