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Ahoy Daddy!

Releases 6/14/2024

Pride Cruise 2024 Series Page:


Get a job on a cruise ship, they said. It will calm you down.


Highly unlikely.


I’ve been hyper all my life and the only one who knew how or cared to deal with me was my mother. I’d put the poor woman through hell and the best way for her to get a long break from me was to take a job that included travel. Vale Harper, two weeks at sea, should do the trick and give mom the rest she more than deserved.


What I hadn’t expected to find was a much-needed outlet for my endless energy. Pet Play, where have you been all my life?


Lonely. Confused. Tired of listening to myself complain. Jack Barrett, master of absolutely nothing. My hands were in more pots than I could keep track of. Thankfully, the managers I had in place took care of everything and now all I had left was…me.


Boy after boy passed through my life, but none stuck. Was I too much for them? Too controlling? Not controlling enough? No one had the answer. Not my therapist, not my last boy, and certainly not me.


Ahoy Daddy! is an MM, Pet Play, crazy monkey, sweet Daddy tale of two lost souls whose paths cross in the most unsuspecting of places.


Welcome to Pride Cruise 2024!


Where the water is crisp, the men are HOT, and the party has started! Each book is a standalone but feel free and dive in and binge them all. You won't want to miss a second of their naughty antics. If you think they're silly when the sun is up, just wait until it goes down.

Pints ‘n Pool

Coming 8/16/2024

Foggy Basin Series Page:


Nate Cloverdale’s life was organized to the Nth degree. From the time he woke until the time he went to bed, promptly at midnight. He knew what his day would entail from start to finish.

Relationships would fail, his bar would not and with that attitude it was no wonder his grouchy ass remained unattached.

Kit, no last name, and not because he was famous, but because he was the son of free-spirited parents who felt surnames didn’t define you. Thankfully, they didn’t feel the same about a first. Growing up in a commune full of like-minded adults, he couldn’t wait to get out and explore the world.

Hitchhiking between towns, he never stayed in longer than a couple of months. This trip landed Kit in Foggy Basin. A quick glance around the local businesses, Kit knew odds were he’d find work and stay for a bit while he saved up enough to move on.

Pints ‘n Pool is an opposites attract, grumpy-sunshine tale of two men who were so wrong for each other that they couldn’t be more right. Hopefully, they pull their heads out of their asses before it’s too late.

Welcome to Foggy Basin. Just passing through? No problem. Here to stay, well, better find your place. Sit back, relax and get to know the townsfolk. They love hard and play even harder. Each book is a standalone but why not stay and get to know us and read them all.



Daddy! Daddy! Daddy!


Daddies come in all varieties


Do you enjoy #Daddies and their #Littles?


? Two Daddies for Henry ? #MMM

Daddies and Littles series


? When Daddy Hurts ?

Daddies and Littles series


? A Little Christmas: Jacob ?

Series page:

German translation:


? A Little Christmas: Orion’s Secret ?

Universal Link:

Series page:


? A Little's Valentine's Party: Featuring Jacob & Orion ?

Daddies and Littles series


What about a younger Rockstar Daddy and his older #Boy?

? David’s Disaster ?

Embrace the Fear 2

The Road to Rocktoberfest 2022


What about a famous singer who learns he's a little?

? His Last Chase ?

Coming 10/25/2024

The Road to Rocktoberfest 2024

A “Best friends dad's best friend” story


How about a Pet Play Daddy for two?

? Pick Us, Daddy ?

Series link:


? Ahoy Daddy! ?

Pride Cruise 2024

Coming 6/14/2024

Series Page:


Or a sweet holiday boy and his Daddy

? A Daddy for Christmas: Brighton ?

Universal Link:

Series page:


How about a small-town Daddy and a reckless boy?

? Pints ‘n Pool ?

Foggy Basin Small Town Series

Coming 8/16/2024

Series page:



Strike A Chord

Chaotic Abyss book 1


Josh Gray has made bad decisions and regretted them all, but it’s the rock ‘n roll lifestyle, so no problem, right? However, karma is a bitch.

Mistake one…sleeping with the then boyfriend of the lead singer of one of the top bands, Social Sinners, which leads to Josh being fired as Ryder Hampton’s backup guitarist.

Mistake two…signing on with Nicholas Shane Management, who promises a new band that’s the perfect fit. It turns out Nick is dealing dirty, and his company collapses when he’s sent to prison.

Josh’s world is in ruins and starting over is next to impossible. Word gets around that he’s screwed over rock ‘n roll’s poster children, and he can’t get an audition. The future is now an endless stream of empty whisky bottles, and a surly server that no matter how hard Josh tries, refuses to sleep with him.

If you’ve read the Social Sinners or Maiden Voyage series, you’ll understand the tough road that lies ahead for Josh. Is redemption possible, or should he just throw in the towel and walk away once and for all?

Strike a Chord is book one in the Chaotic Abyss rockstar romance series featuring hurt/comfort, second chances, and a bartender who just wants to be left alone.

The Social Sinners Series


Stand tall, stand proud, and never back down.


Box set:

Behind the Lights
In the Shadows
A Heart Divided
Beyond the Curtain
After the Final Curtain

Bonus story - Diamond & Easton's Vegas Elopement

Maiden Voyage Series 


From our darkest pain comes the sincerest lyrics.


Box set:

Ryder’s Guardian:

Derek’s Destiny:

Jaxson’s Nemesis:

Shadow’s Light:

Bonus story - Claiming the Guardian:


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